How Does Five-Star Tooling Guarantee the Delivery Date?

Project Management -Internal Timing Plan

Five-Star speaks highly of our customer’s satisfaction since day one and we always manage to deliver good products with high quality on or even ahead of time.

Data shown below are drawn from our internal data record from 2016 to 2019. We strictly control timing through scientific project management and proper reward and punishment system.

Any processing team that applies for delay for over 1 day would have a record in our system and we would come out with a solution according to the actual situation to make sure it won’t affect our customers’ deadline.

T1 Delay Statistics (Internal)

project management Internal Timing Plan

T1(Internal): When starting an injection mold project or precision components project, our engineering manager would have an internal timing list according to our quotation and the purchase order, on which the deadline of T1 or final delivery are normally 3 to 5 days earlier than the actual due date, and this timing plan would be handed out to our project engineers and manufacturing departments.

Besides, when the projects are not so tight for our manufacturing, our project engineers would also save 3 to 5 days before sending it to our customers in case of any upcoming emergencies(Example shown below).

Therefore our internal T1 delays data shown in this chart are normally still in control and would not affect our customer’s due date.

Manufacturing Delay Statistics

delay statistics

As said above, our engineering and project team would have their reserved time in case of emergencies.

If we get a project with a long delivery time of May 1st, our engineering manager would put the deadline of April 17th on the timing list and our processing departments would follow the due date to arrange manufacturing.

If April 24th is our limit or close to our actual manufacturing ability, this would be the date that appears in the timing list sent to our customer. Otherwise, if we could manage to finish it one week earlier, our project engineers would save 3 to 5 days for emergencies so that the finished date on the timing list to our customers would be like April 28th.

Therefore in this specific project, our processing team would follow April 17th as deadline while they still have 11 days at least, 14 days at most for emergencies, as Graph 1.

So even if we have delays for internal T1, normally it won’t affect the final due date, which is the reason why the data has a big drop on the chart “Delay Statistics”.

Time for Emergencies

time for emergencies
For different projects with a short or long term of delivery time, we would have to analyze the different situations.

However, this method of project management is based on a throughout understanding of our manufacturing ability and keep helping us to assure our customer’s deadline while delivering qualified products.

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