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For 14 years, Five-Star has been a leading Precision Machining company. To fulfill your quality standards and requirements, we apply for a cutting-edge manufacturing line and high-tech equipment.

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Why Five-Star is Expert on Supplying Precision Machining

Five-Star has a long history of providing our customers with high-quality Precision Machining. We have a natural ability to supply exceptional precision component machining services. Precision Machining that meets quality standards is available from Five-Star. You can rely on us for Precision Machining development.

Five-Star Precision Machining Manufacturer

CNC Precision Machining

Five-Star CNC Precision Machining features a +/-0.002 mm tolerance. It has a color-anodized surfaced treatment.

Prototypes Precision Machining

Five-Star Prototypes Precision Machining has a Ra0.2-Ra3.2 roughness. It has an aluminum, brass, copper, or stainless steel material.

Brass Precision Machining

Five-Star Brass Precision Machining has a +/- 0.005 – 0.01mm tolerance. It also has milling, turning, drilling, etc., processing.

Die Casting Precision Machining

Five-Star Die Casting Precision Machining is great for industrial, auto, and motorcycle applications. It is 100% inspect quality control.

Stainless Steel Precision Machining

Five-Star Stainless Steel Precision Machining features a CNC turning process. It has a color anodize surface treatment.

High-Quality Precision Machining

We can provide you with the exact amount of High-Quality Precision Machining you require. The various sizes and shapes ensure maximum longevity and efficiency.

Aluminum Precision Machining

Five-Star Aluminum Precision Machining is great for machine parts application. It features a painting surface treatment.

Drone Metal Precision Machining

Five-Star Drone Metal Precision Machining is a CNC milling machine processing type. It has a +/- 0.05mm tolerance.

Customized Precision Machining

Five-Star Customized Precision Machining is a service that we offer based on your design specs. It works best in imaging.

Five-Star Precision Machining

Five-Star is a skilled precision molds and components company that can accommodate your specific requirements. Five-Star will meet all of your Precision Machining requirements, including your excellent design concepts, sizes, and other options.

In many industries around the world, Five-Star serves a significant role. We’ve been providing precision molds to the world’s most prestigious companies to meet their global tooling requirements. As a result, our team dedicates producing and innovating high-quality Precision Machining that meets worldwide quality standards. Five-Star offers customized Precision Machining solutions for custom manufacturing.

Mold Maker and Precision Components Manufacturer

Five-Star Manufacturing Capacity

fstooling 5axis machine
Five-Star 5Axis Machine
fstooling Charmilles EDM machine
Five-Star Charmilles EDM Machine
fstooling Assembly department
Five-Star Assembly Department
fstooling Charmilles wire cutting machine
Five-Star Charmilles Wire Cutting Machine
fstooling CNC machine
Five-Star CNC Machine
FStooling Deep Drilling Machine
Five-Star Deep Drilling Machine

Why Five-Star Is Your Premier Manufacturer in China

Five-Star Precision Machining

Five-Star is a top Precision Machining supplier in China. This product is available in a variety of sizes and at a reasonable price. We’re confident that our product lines will provide you with the results you’re looking for. Five-Star has a different option of Precision Machining you require.

Five-Star has been in the production company for over 14 years. We can meet your needs thanks to our extensive experience in a variety of industries. We have been developing and marketing high-quality 5 axis machining and precision components for many years. We are currently forming solid partnerships with both domestic and regional markets.

Five-Star Precision machining removes excess raw material from the workpiece while maintaining tight tolerance finishes to create a final product. Simply put, it refers to the process of transforming large pieces of fabric into smaller, more accurate, and consistent parts that fulfill precise requirements.

We ensure that our Precision Machining meets our high standards of quality and efficiency as an ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949 certified company. We can guarantee you that our goods and services are of high quality; if you need changes or improvements to your Precision Machining. Five-Star provides comprehensive customization.

Five-Star Precision Machining is ideal in your manufacturing company if you are producing any technologies. It provides numerous advantages and benefits in your manufacturing process. Precision Machining products from Five-Star are available at reasonable prices.

Advantages of Precision Machining

  • High level of precision
  • Quality assurance
  • Low rate of error
  • Reduced material waste 
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Secure production

Five-Star is the company to call when you need outstanding Precision Machining for your manufacturing industry such as medical, electronics. We are your go-to source for design and high-quality mold and components production. Five-Star Precision Machining is something that we excel at.

Five-Star provides you with complete support to help you boost your CNC machined components business. To assist you in this business, we provide excellent after-sale services. Our product lines can meet your customers’ requirements. Five-Star has a diverse range of manufacturing experience. At a reasonable price, both custom and standard products are available.

We usually have a good idea of what services you require because we are familiar with our clients’ needs. Calls and transactions are accepted 24/7. Five-Star will assist you in selecting the best commodity for your Precision Machining needs.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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