Purchasing Injection Molds in China: A Buyer’s Guide


Purchasing Injection Mold in China
Most of foreign injection mold buyers face purchasing problem in China when plan to custom some injection mold for their business. Hereby, Five-star tooling list some of the base question for your reference, hope can help you

Mold Price

What is the mold size designed?
Mold size is depended on the size of the part and its cavity.

What is the mold steel used?
Normally Five-Star would use standard steels that could support the requirement of mold life.

How many shorts are the molding cycle guaranteed?
It depends on the requirement of our customer.

What is the accessory standard?
It depends on the requirement of our customer.

What’s the payment term?
For injection mold, Five-Star uses T/T, 40% Deposit with P.O., 30% against First Shot, 30% Completion before Shipment.
For precision components, we accept 50% as deposit and 50% before shipment.

Mould design

How long it will take to do mold design?
Normally it will take 2 weeks but it depends on different projects.

Does the mold design included in the offer?
Normally it is included unless our customers provide the design.


Five-Star Injection Mold Project Management
How to do mold making management?
Five-Star builds a team consisting of a project manager with a strong background in the project management process and in the mold industry with robust communication skills. The team has the necessary resources to perform to a high level of services, such as a customized ERP system to ensure a flawless project management process between Five-Star and the customers base.

How to do communication?
Five-Star has a team of mold engineers who has a strong background in the project management process and in the mold industry with robust communication skills to served as the representatives of our customers and they would provide a report with digital pictures and updated timing plan every week.

Mold making

How to ensure the genuine steel used?
Five-Star has material certification of the steels we use and could provide it along with the products as required.

Mold test and sample submit

Who is responsible for the mold test plastic resin?
Normally our customers would provide the test resin to make sure that the samples are using the same material as in final production.

What will be provided along with samples?
Along with the mold products package, we will provide the test reports and one set of the products introduction, and other details if customer require.

Injection Molds Delivery

Who is responsible for the mold delivery?
Usually, sometimes use DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS for the mold delivery; Sometimes use sea shipping, but all depend on our customers’ wishing. Please remark to our marketing college when you contact they are.

How long it will take to do delivery?
5-7 days by air, about 1 month by sea.


This article just provides a basic guide, any other aspects of injection mold you would like to know please feel free to contact our five-star tooling professional sales team.

Beside injection molds, Five-Star also offers Die-Casting mold, Precision components for our clients.

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