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Five-Star Tooling provides to mold design for manufacturability (DFM) practices within 3 working days after receipt your official order, helping you design those products in ways that make manufacturing simpler, efficient, and more cost-effective.

We bring our engineering insight and common-sense know-how to a broad spectrum of key industries, such as medical, electronics, automotive, home appliance

Each injection mold design case study can help you better understand our commitment to excellence and our injection mold processes.

Mold Design Case Study -Point 1

five-star design case study1
Mold structure is not reasonable. The release of the lock latch and ejection of plastic parts could not achieve at the same time.

Cancel the current lock latch and change to a P/L lock latch.

Point 2

five-star design case study2
five-star design case study3
The locating slope of the product is 1°, which causes it sticky to the cavity and the slide.

The first time: Polish the locating block, using 600# sandpaper(Not solved)
The second time: Polish the locating block, using 320# sandpaper(Not solved)
The third time: The locating slope of the product changes to 1.5°

Point 3

five-star design case studies
The adjustment of the stroke switch is inconvenient, which has the risk of jamming. If the screw tooth is jammed, the die should be set up all over again.

Change the design, cut a V groove.
A. When the screw is rotating upwards, the pressure should be controlled between 50~60 and the speed between 40~50;
B. The switch of extraction of the tread(retreat) should be exactly on the spot where the screw is just removed. Travel distance besides that should be reserved for preventing the jamming when the high-pressure cylinder pulls back.

Point 4

five-star case study5
Sometimes the nozzle would fall in the slide on the core and need to remove manually. Some crushed materials would fall in as well, which might cause sticking when close the mould.
Change the design, rotate the mould 180°and add a spring on the slide.

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