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Five-Star Tooling Ltd. in China.

About Five-Star

Five-Star Tooling Limited was established in China to serve the global tooling needs in 2006. It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified group company with divisions in Shenzhen and Dongguan. With years of aggressive development, now it occupies a land area of 6000 square meters.

We are specializing in building multi-cavitation molds, automatic unscrewing molds, DME MUD insert, double color injection molds, large & complex structure molds, tight tolerance components, and many other kinds of export molds and components.

With high-precision grinding machines, wire cutting, CNC, EDM, CMM, and other manufacturing and inspection equipment, we can keep tolerance of +/- 0.005mm for your molds.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we take the high quality as a base for the companies’ development, from incoming material to electrode, from CNC machining to final assembly, every component, and every process needs to be strictly inspected by QC, to ensure every component is accepted before the next process.

Besides, project management is one of the key elements to run a successful program. So Five-Star builds a team consisting a project managers with a strong background in the project management process and in the mold industry with robust communication skills. The team has the necessary resources to perform to a high level of services, such as a customized ERP system to ensure a flawless project management process between Five-Star and the customers base.

Our Comision

Making high-quality precision molds and parts with competitive price, and providing good service to meet the requirements and expectation of our customers.


To be total solutions global provider for molds, injection parts, and components.

Our Promise

We will never sacrifice product quality for the lower prices. We will keep you fully informed by providing processing progress reports and digital pictures weekly.

Quality Management

As an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, we follow the system to manage our quality control in our daily routine, Plan, Do, Act and Check.

From the start of every project, we have internal documents to record every details and requirement that our customers order to better pass on the information to subordinate departments. Our manufacturing department would follow the instruments and make timing plans for ordering materials, arrange equipment and staffs.

Through the entire process, our quality control department would serve as a role to monitor every size and shape, every surface treatment matched to our customer’s drawings, from incoming material to electrode, from CNC machining to final assembly, every component and every process to ensure every component is accepted before the next process.

Every mistake would have a record and its corresponding solution made by the mold engineer and the quality manager. Five-Star Tooling strive to prevent them from happening and manage to solve them with fewer effects on the actual projects. Every mistake is a lesson for future projects and we have been learning from them to get better and quicker.

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