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Five-Star provides high-precision home appliance mold (projects like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, coffee machines, etc.) to famous companies.

China mold company Five-Star tooling is a famous China Home Appliance Mold Manufacturers and Home Appliance Mold company.

Five-Star specialized in designing and making Home Appliance Mould.

We own a state of the QC lab and injection workshop and Home Appliance Mould factory, advanced CNC equipment, and an experienced R&D team.

Our Engineering work includes not only injection mold designs but also mold feasibility, mold economic, mold flow, product design expertise, and prototyping services.

Five-Star will offer you the best solutions at a reasonable price. We are not only making molds and parts for home appliances industry but also producing a wide variety of injection molds and precision components, for sectors of all types, including:

Home appliance or household appliance usually refers to kinds of electrical and electronic machines. They are always used in homes and in similar places.

The product plastic components make up are home appliance molding parts.

In the 20-21 century, the most important thing for most house women is the Household appliances help them save time doing housework. Then they have more and more time to build a comfortable and beautiful living.

Because of those household appliances, they have more time to accompany their child, husband, and parents. It is becoming a necessity for our modern family life.

Home Appliance Mold Application

The range of household appliances varies from different countries. There is no unified classification of household appliances in the world.

However, it is more common to classify products according to their functions and uses, roughly divided into eight categories.

① Refrigeration appliances.

Including household refrigerators, cold drink machines, etc.

Refrigerator drawer home appliance mold parts
Refrigerator drawer

②Air conditioner.

Including room air conditioners, electric fans, ventilator fans, air heaters, air dehumidifiers, etc.

air conditioner cover
air conditioner cover

③Clean electrical appliances.

Including washing machines, clothes dryers, electric irons, vacuum cleaners, floor waxing machines, etc.

vacuum cleaner parts
vacuum cleaner parts

④Kitchen appliances.

Including electric stoves, microwave ovens, electromagnetic stoves, electric ovens, rice cookers, dishwashers, electric water heaters, food processors, etc.

⑤Electric heating appliances.

Including electric blankets, electric quilts, water heating blankets, electronic clothing, space heaters.

⑥ Plastic surgery and health care appliances.

Including electric shaver, hairdryer, hairdresser, ultrasonic facial cleanser, electric massager.

⑦ Audio and video appliances.

Including micro projectors, televisions, radios, tape recorders, video recorders, cameras, sound systems, etc.

⑧ Other electrical appliances.

Such as electric bells, etc. With the improvement of life, the water purifier has also become a member of household appliances.

The Trend of Mid-High Household Appliances

The scale of high-quality products for home appliances increases day by day. Driven by the market, mid-to-high-quality home appliances are becoming mainstream in the market.

Even though people’s demand for high-quality home appliances increases, there are more and more home appliance brands in the market. Also, competition is quite violent.

In this case, controlling costs and providing good quality is the key to winning, and molds are the key to define the quality of the products.

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