Why Five-Star Tooling?

Why Five-Star Tooling

Five-Star Tooling Manufacturing Ability

Mold and products: Five-Star Tooling is specialized at plastic injection mold, die casting and precision components. We are capable of making the 2K mold, overmolding, multi-cavity mold and etc. One of the best ways to achieve short lead time and low production cost is to use MUD molds.

2K mold: Five-Star could also have the experience of 2K mold, in which one thermoplastic material is covered with another to form a part. As for this kind of molds, it always uses soft thermoplastic materials like polyurethane or TPE to cover hard materials like ABS or PC.

Multi-cavity mold: Base on your end-products qty requirement, our professor designer will make a plan to advise you how many cavity molds will be needed and then save you production time and money.

Overmolding: This is an injection molding technique to combine metal inserts like brass nuts, bolts, bushes or mesh filters into one part by inserting thermoplastic materials around them.

Generally speaking, before the plastic injection mold shipped out, our company will arrange internal testing according to material requirements and specifications. Carry out quality analysis according to the problems and defects, find out the causes, and adjust and repair the die properly.

FIVE-STAR provides functional testing services required by customers. Usually, the test includes die appearance, formability and forming products.

Why Five-Star?

When buying a product or service, there’re plenty of options in the marketing for enterprises and consumers to choose from. Injection mold companies is not an exception. As to why a product or service is better than the other, it depends on more than one factors but the final reason always goes to qualified products with practical prices, excellent services, and on-time delivery.

Practical prices for injection molds and precision components

professory team support Prompt quotation

Reliable services

Ability to cover small orders as well as a massive production of plastic molds and precision components

Able to handle molds up to 2.5m*2.5m

Value-added services include assembly, packaging.

ISO 9001 certified production facility

Five-Star is ready to handle your mold or components project, drop me a message now!

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