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Parts Gallery just for you reference few of the successful cases we done. Five-Star is your trusted molds manufacturer with rich experience, competitively priced and delivered straight to your door.

Five-Star Tooling is specialized in building plastic injection molds, die casting and precision components.

We not only manufacture injection molds, die casting and precision components, but also help our customer to modify their designs and improve the performances of their products.

We are capable of building multi-cavity molds, automatic unscrewing molds, DME MUD insert, double color injection molds, large & complex structure molds, tight tolerance components, and many other kinds of export molds and components.

So far we have been built injection molds, die casting and precision components for many different industries like automotive, medical appliances, home appliances, electronics, and military uses, etc.

Here to show you some Parts gallery of our products. Ready to begin your custom made injection molds, die casting or precision components projects in Five-Star? Contact us for instant quotation RIGHT NOW!



Home Appliances

Medical Appliances

What is a Parts Gallery?

At Five-Star, every mold must be tested on the machine once it finished, and the tested products will be photographed or sent to the customer for acceptance The Parts Gallery here is the final product picture.

Provide the final products of various molds from top brands such as Hasco, DME and Mold Master. All corresponding molds mentioned in Parts Gallery are made of high-quality steel to ensure that they can last for several years. Five-Star also provides customized mold design services, so you can accurately obtain the required products.

What types of injection molds does Five-Star provide?

Five-Star provides a variety of injection moulds, from standard design to customized design. They provide moulds for various products, including auto parts, medical devices and consumer goods. At present, only metal materials are available.

Benefits of purchasing injection molds from Five-Star

When you purchase injection molds from Five-Star, you can ensure that you get the best quality products. All their injection moulds are made of high-grade steel, so you can be sure that they will last for several years. They also provide design services to help you create customized molds so that you can accurately obtain the products you need.

In addition to providing high-quality molds, Five-Star also provides excellent customer service. Their knowledgeable employees are ready to answer any of your questions. They also provide useful tips and suggestions to help you buy the best molds at the best cost.

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