Project Management

–A Brief Introduction of the Workflow Procedure

Five-Star Project Management

Specifically, Five-Star Tooling has 2 teams of project managers. One is responsible for communications with our customers, regarding all technical issues and timing report; while the other is served as a representative of our customers, to control and monitor the whole project, from kick-off to shipping.

As for this process, Five-Star has established a mature system to better do project management. Here let me explain it shortly to you.

Our project management could be divided into 6 stages, Kick-off Meeting, DFM report, Design, Manufacture, Tryout, and Final Shipping.

Kick-off Meeting

— Project managers and one designer assigned would attend this meeting and discuss the timing plan and details about the kicked off project.

DFM Report

— Designer would finish the DFM report and hand it to the project manager; after getting the approval of our customer, they would start the design; otherwise, modify the DFM report and get approved and update the timing plan again.

Five-Star Tooling Project Management

Design Review

— Every design would be review internally before sent to our customers. Problems found would be fixed in advance to save time for both sides. If the design is approved by our customer, the project manager would assign purchasing materials according to the BOM and organize another meeting involved also members of our manufacturing team to make assignments.


— Once the materials arrive at our factory, they would start manufacture according to the internal manufacture printing. Our project manager would follow the whole process, update the timing plan and report to our customers with digital pictures every Friday.


— Tools ready for tryout would be bought off by our quality team. Five-Star has our own standard informs to assist our quality engineers to check every detail of the tools before setting up on to the injection molding machine. During the tryout process, our project engineer would keep recording and send the report together with the samples to our customers.


— After samples buy off or customers tryout in the facility, we would ship the tools out with a tool instructions, assembly printing, material certificate, CD with 2&3d information or hot runner certification. Our project managers would keep following until our customers receive their goods and confirm state perfect.

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