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Since 14 years ago, Fstooling has focused on manufacturing, designing, and exporting unscrewing mold. We are providing superior quality unscrewing mold at a competitive cost.

  • Provides total unscrewing  mold solution
  • Competitively priced unscrewing mold
  • Strict quality inspection before shipment
  • The ISO-certified company you can trust
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Why Fstooling is Expert in Unscrewing Mold Manufacturing

Fstooling is one of the leading unscrewing mold manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can provide a one-stop manufacturing service for small to huge-size companies in the world. From conception, material selection to completion, we ensure every process will meet the demand standards. When you choose Fstooling as your top unscrewing mold manufacturer, your unscrewing mold will be in good hands.

Fstooling Your Ideal Unscrewing Mold Manufacturer

8 Cavity Unscrewing Motor Cap Mold

All types, shapes, sizes, and more technical specs are available. This is a unique injection molding process tool.

Hardened Steel Unscrewing Motor Cap Mold

We can custom hardened steel unscrewing motor cap mold according to your needs. It can increase your productivity.

High-Performance Unscrewing Mold

Choosing a high-performance unscrewing mold for your product development is your best option. It can increase your speed and accuracy.

Plastic Unscrewing Injection Mold

Our plastic unscrewing injection mold is perfect to create parts, including sprinkler heads, nuts & bolts, automotive parts, bottle caps, etc.

Precision Unscrewing Mold

Precision unscrewing mold is your best choice to produce automotive parts, medical parts, consumer goods, and so on.

Unscrewing 2K Double Die Mold

We produce unscrewing 2k double die mold with a +/-0.005mm tolerance rate. We adopt DMG 5 axis machining technology for production.

Unscrewing Closure Mold

Our unscrewing closure mold is custom-tailored to fit your applications. Fstooling is the best supplier you can fully trust.

Unscrewing Device for Multi-Cavity Molds

The unscrewing device for multi-cavity molds ensures durable parts production. It can increase your accuracy with fast cycle times.

Unscrewing Mold for Blue-tooth Speaker Cover

This offers high performance in production. If you have specific technical specs for your unscrewing mold, discuss them with us.

Fstooling Unscrewing Mold

Fstooling concentrates on unscrewing mold production for more than 14 years. We have earned vast experience in various industries and already developed proven designs. Thanks to our experienced design team, they ensure our unscrewing mold highest quality and durability.

Our customers come from different countries around the world, especially Europe and North America. As ISO9001 certified company, we guarantee you will get superior quality products. With Fstooling, you can achieve the best outcome for your ideal unscrewing mold.

Mold Maker and Precision Components Manufacturer

Fstooling Manufacturing Capacity

fstooling 5axis machine
Fstooling 5Axis Machine
fstooling Charmilles EDM machine
Fstooling Charmilles EDM Machine
fstooling Assembly department
Fstooling Assembly Department
fstooling Charmilles wire cutting machine
Fstooling Charmilles Wire Cutting Machine
fstooling CNC machine
Fstooling CNC Machine
FStooling Deep Drilling Machine
Fstooling Deep Drilling Machine

Why Fstooling Is Your Ideal Manufacturer in China

Fstooling Unscrewing Mold

Seeking the best unscrewing mold solutions from the best supplier in China? You finally got here! Fstooling is your best unscrewing mold manufacturer and supplier with 14 years of rich experience. All types, sizes, shapes, and more technical specs you are looking for, Fstooling has it all!

The unscrewing mold is a unique injection molding process with mold technology. It includes rotation and movement to create threaded components. Fstooling manufactures superior quality unscrewing mold that can increase your productivity, speed, and accuracy with faster cycle times and higher cavitations.

Fstooling designed unscrewing mold for closures and caps with detailed threads. We already developed proven designs with improved cooling systems granting short cycle times. Thanks to our experienced design team, they ensure our unscrewing mold highest quality and durability.

We are working with skillful 14 designers in total. Our company adopts DMG 5 axis machining technology to produce precision components, including unscrewing mold with a +/-0.005mm tolerance rate. Our experience in different manufacturing industries allowed us to provide your unscrewing mold needs.

All unscrewing molds we offer can be custom-tailored to fit a particular application. When you need one type of unscrewing mold, Fstooling is your best source. We make sure you get the right one that fits your budget and product.

However, there are several applications for unscrewing mold. The process is used to create parts with external or internal threads, such as:

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Personal care /Cosmetics
  • Bottle closures & caps
  • Automotive parts
  • Consumer goods
  • Pharmaceutical /Medical

Time flies so fast and now we’re 14 years already in the industry, and since then, Fstooling remains true to the same principles: putting safety first, creating opportunities for our people, and supplying excellent service to our customers. Choosing Fstooling will be your best decision.

Fstooling is an ISO-certified manufacturer you can fully trust. Allow us to serve you!

We will give you our outstanding services with your next project!

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