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Over the 14 years in the industry, Five-Star Tooling now earned a great reputation. We are a proud China-based manufacturer, specializes in the development, design, and marketing of mold components.

  • Rich manufacturing history in various industries
  • ISO-authorized manufacturing company
  • Offers premium quality mold components
  • Implements strictest quality inspection
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Why Five-Star Tooling is Expert in Mold Components Manufacturing

Five-Star Tooling is the most trusted supplier and manufacturer in China for many years. One of the most popular products we offer in the market is mold components. This is customized based on your ideal sizes, shapes, applications, and more technical specs. In Five-Star Tooling, we make sure you can get mold parts that meet international quality requirements.  Allow Five-Star Tooling today to help with your next projects!

Five-Star Tooling Your Ideal Mold Components Manufacturer

Alloy Steel Mold Component

We are using high-grade material for alloy steel mold component production. It is customizable according to your technical request.

Custom Precision Mold Components

Our custom precision mold components feature high strength, good toughness, and high hardness.

Fittings Mold Components

We designed fittings mold components to exceed your expectations for reliability, performance, and quality.

General Mold Components

Fstooling general mold components commonly include leader pins, fasteners, dowels, locating rings, limit switches, bushings, etc.

Injection Mold Components

We designed injection mold components commonly from aluminum, hardened, or pre-hardened steel materials due to their durability.

Mold Components DME Slide Retainers

Mold components DME slide retainers are designed to surpass customer expectations. We make sure you will get superior quality products.

Mold Components Metal Ejector Pin

We manufacture mold components metal ejector pins from stainless steel materials. The products have +- 0.002 mm tolerance.

Plastic Injection Mold Component

We offer an extensive selection of plastic injection mold components. The components are commonly made of steel.

Stamping Mold & Die Components

The stamping mold & die components are one-of-a-kind precision tools. It is particularly made from tool steel.

Five-Star Tooling Mould Components

Fstooling is your premier mould components solution provider, operating mainly in China. We are your go-to source of superior quality mold components. Being your certified solution provider, Fstooling offers the flexibility of outsourcing assembly and logistics.

Anytime you need high-quality mold components, you know where to go! Fstooling will support your small-huge size business. Allow our wide expertise to skyrocket your business! Discuss now your specific requirements!

Mold Maker and Precision Components Manufacturer

Five-Star Tooling Manufacturing Capacity

fstooling 5axis machine
Fstooling 5Axis Machine
fstooling Charmilles EDM machine
Fstooling Charmilles EDM Machine
fstooling Assembly department
Fstooling Assembly Department
fstooling Charmilles wire cutting machine
Fstooling Charmilles Wire Cutting Machine
fstooling CNC machine
Fstooling CNC Machine
FStooling Deep Drilling Machine
Fstooling Deep Drilling Machine

Why Fstooling Is Your Premier Manufacturer in China

Five-Star Tooling Mold Components

Five-Star Tooling is a well-known mold components solution provider with 14 years of total experience. We have skilled workers and a professional designer enable to produce an extraordinary mold component. So anytime you need a specific mold component, Five-Star Tooling is your ultimate choice. Here, stable performance and high-standard mold components await you!

Five-Star Tooling mold components include custom precision mold components, fittings mold components, general mold components, injection mold components, mold components metal ejector pins, and many more. We make sure each of them meets your expectations for quality, reliability, and performance.

However, we are using high-quality raw materials to produce your ideal mold components. We use alloy steel, stainless steel, metal, and many others. We offer mold component provides high strength, good toughness, and high hardness you expect. Five-Star Tooling has the full capabilities making us your outstanding mold components partner in China.

We can produce various selections of mold components with ±0.001 tolerances, 0.002 parallelisms, and concentricity. Along with our professional design team, we can achieve superfine-grade mold components.

At the same time, we can manufacture and process your mold components according to your drawings. We aim to meet each customer’s processing requirements.

The various mold components are sold mainly to local and overseas markets. Japan, Europe, the United States, Thailand, and Italy are some regions and countries we are serving. In Five-Star Tooling, quality service is guaranteed. There are many worldwide customers who already support us. No doubt, we can be your excellent mold components supplier.

Since 14 years ago, we are dedicated to providing competitively priced products and high-quality customer services. If you need mold components, Five-Star Tooling is glad to provide you.

Five-Star Tooling has gained rich manufacturing experience in various industries. Anytime you need mold components for medical, electronics, or automotive industries, we are your no.1 manufacturer.

What Is The HS Code For Mold Parts?

The exact HS code for mold parts will depend on which parts are being talked about. The Harmonized System (HS) codes for mold parts are 8480.71.00 for molds made of metal or metal carbides, 8480.79.00 for molds made of other materials, and 8480.80.00 for other mold parts.

What is Mold Components and What Are the Main Parts of the Injection Mold?

Mold components are what make the mold work and the mechanisms used to deliver a quality end product. Mold components include mold bases, pins, ejectors, lifters, bushings, guides, alignment devices, gating system, cooling system and so on.

The 5 advantages of precision mold components in Five-Star

1. 16 steps of strict process in the elaborate production to make perfect quality of mould components.
2. Depending on advanced technology, mould lifespan can be multiplied.
3. Armed up with advanced equipment from Japan and an excellent production team.
4. Rapid delivery.
5. Personal attention to details.

What Material Is Mold Base?

At present, China precision mold components industry is having a great boom. While the technology level is rising rapidly, China precision components industry scale is also increasing.

In the international competitive marker, China precision mold components industry play its own advantages, to occupy an opportunity in the international market.

Each part of them of different requirements of its materials to achieve the best performance. See below tables about materials selection about the different part of a mold.

materials selection form-1
materials selection form-2
materials selection form-3
materials selection form-4
materials selection form-5

If you want to know more about Five-Star Tooling mold components, contact us at any time. You can expect better and faster service in return!

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