Custom CNC Machining

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Custom CNC Machining

In Five-Star tooling, CNC milling is one of the most popular CNC machining processes, including both drilling and cutting processes; CNC milling uses a rotating cylindrical cutting tool just like in drilling.

But, unlike the single axis motion of the latter, the cutter and workpiece in a milling machine can move along three, four and even five axes, allowing it to produce shapes, holes, and slots with tight tolerances.

In addition, the workpiece is often moved across the milling tool in different directions, unlike the single axis motion of a drill.

The advantages of CNC machine tools VS. Common machines:
1. Processing efficiency, save processing time.
2. Work intensity.
3. Reduce waste products.
4. Higher safety.

Five-Star custom cnc machining

Our Company has imported more than one DMG 5 axis CNC machines from Germany. It has high accuracy and extra dimension, which allows it to produces complex shapes and side holes. And multi-axis functionality isn’t the only unique thing about Custom CNC milling.

There’re more reasons why CNC machining could be an ace in the manufacturing industry. It’s also about safety, accuracy and lower overhead costs.

While CNC machines is working, the computer systems would handle everything, which means that there would be minimal contact between the machine and the operator and the tolerances and accuracy would be more assured than manual operations.

What’s more, during the automated process, you could save a huge budget of machining and manufacturing.

Five-Star has built up a factory equipped with CNC machines and other advanced machines for your custom CNC machining. We’re here to provide you with good products and practical prices, contact us for your custom CNC machining, precision components project.

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