Mold Components
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Mold Components

Mold components are what make the mold work and the mechanisms used to deliver a quality end product. Mold components include mold bases, pins, ejectors, lifters, bushings, guides, alignment devices, gating system, cooling system and so on.

The 5 advantages of precision mold components in Five-Star:
1. 16 steps of strict process in the elaborate production to make perfect quality of mould components.
2. Depending on advanced technology, mould lifespan can be multiplied.
3. Armed up with advanced equipment from Japan and an excellent production team.
4. Rapid delivery.
5. Personal attention to details.

More information about the precision mold components of Five-Star Tooling, please feel free to contact our professional team.

At present, China precision mold components industry is having a great boom. While the technology level is rising rapidly, China precision components industry scale is also increasing.

In the international competitive marker, China precision mold components industry play its own advantages, to occupy an opportunity in the international market.

Each part of them of different requirements of its materials to achieve the best performance. See below tables about materials selection about the different part of a mold.

materials selection form-1
materials selection form-2
materials selection form-3
materials selection form-4
materials selection form-5

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