Unscrewing Mold
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Unscrewing Mold

Unscrewing mold is used to produce parts with internal or external threads.

In Five-Star, unscrewing mold is used to produce parts like nuts and bolts, sprinkler heads, bottle caps and closures, personal care or cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical, consumer goods and automotive parts.

Some advantages of Unscrewing mold,

  • Using imported steel
  • Unscrewing system driven by hydraulic cylinder
  • Get stable
  • Precision unwinding

Unscrewing mold is a unique injection molding process with mold technology that includes movement and rotation to produce threaded components.

Five-Star Tooling, To be Your Prime Unscrewing Mold Designer and Maker in China

Five-Star unscrewing mold

Since 2006, Five-Star started to design and make plastic injection molds for American and European customers. Many customers follow us from the very beginning, till now, and will be in the future…

Every project, we aim to deliver good results to customers by our tooling know-how. Including Unscrewing mold, over mold, hot runner mold, die-casting, and kinds of precision components.

Plastic parts such as caps and closures with detailed threads cannot be removed using standard knock-off methods.

After they are molded, parts need to be carefully unscrewed from mold to avoid damaging the threads.

Unscrewing mold needs to move at high speeds for the process to be cost-effective for these threaded plastic parts are typically needed in high volume applications.

Therefore, the unscrewing mold needs to be in good quality reliable to handle such a large amount of circles to cover enough production while needing just normal routine preventative maintenance.

Most threaded plastic parts on standard plastic injection molds are not easy to remove using standard knock-off techniques.

Therefore more complex unscrewing plastic injection molds must be utilized to prevent the threads on threaded plastic parts from being damaged while the parts are coming off of the plastic injection mold.

When will you need an unscrewing mold?

If your plastic components have detailed threads that make ejecting the mold using bump-off methods virtually impossible, in this case, to avoid thread damage, such parts must be unscrewed from the mold, then you need an unscrewing mold.

In some cases, you can machine the threads in the parts after injection molding. But if the plastic material is hard to be machined, like the PA with glass fiber, it makes high defect rates and high production cost, you will need an unscrewing mold.

Our customers appreciate especially our knowledge of injection molds with precision inserts, unscrewing mold, 2-shot mold and insert mold, and our subsequent experience in process optimization. Experience makes the difference.

External threads can be parted and molded-in both mold halves. Internal threads can be on collapsible cores or in unscrewing molds.

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