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Five-Star is a reliable stack injection mold producer that provides your desired quantity. We can meet your ideal design customizations, styles, sizes, and more. We ensure to lower your cost and help you provide quality products with our stack injection mold.

  • Quality tested materials
  • Durable and easy to operate
  • Affordable and long life service
  • Flexible packaging
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Your Professional Stack Injection Mold Manufacturer in China

Are you searching for a professional stack injection mold producer in China? Five-Star will provide your entire request. We have free samples and our own stack injection mold to offer for your easier purchase. Five-Star has great ability in more than 14 years of service that you can trust to handle your process.

Custom Your Stack Injection Mold with Five-Star

Clothes Hanger Stack Injection Mold

We can create your ideal clothes hanger stack injection molds. Desired dimensions sizes and shapes will meet your needs.

Double Stack Injection Mold

Multi-cavity types stack injection mold that meets your smoother production. Manufacture with PBT material and LKM mold base.

High Volume Stack Injection Mold

Our stack injection mold is available in a different processes. Available in high volume selections customizing ideal dimensions and shapes.

Hot Runner Stack Injection Mold

Hot runner stacks injection mold at different shaping modes and perfect surface finish process according to your request.

Low Volume Stack Injection Mold

You can choose low volume stack injection mold. It creates multiple levels and produces molded durable products.

Multiple-Level Stack Injection Mold

Produce stack injection mold for multiple level processes. Increase the product output with 1 to 4 level configurations to meet your requirements.

Plastic Parts Stack Injection Mold

Five-Star produces stack injection molds to help you produce various plastic parts. Available for small to large size plastic parts.

Single Shot Stack Injection Mold

Get single shot stack injection mold at a very lower price. Different process combination types and any applications according to your needs.

OEM Custom Stack Injection Mold

Get OEM custom stack injection mold available in the double injection process. Provides versatility and cost-effectiveness for your business.

Why Five-Star Stack Injection Mold

Five-Star is your most reliable stack injection mold supplier and manufacturer in China. Provide affordable and functional stack injection molds with your ideal designs and shapes. We have great manufacturing staff from engineering, technical, designs, and more.

Five-Star handles strict quality control for your business needs. You can get quality stack injection mold. We deliver on time with perfect quality. You can send your drawings suitable for your production needs.

Mold Maker and Precision Components Manufacturer

Five-Star Manufacturing Capacity

fstooling 5axis machine
Five-Star 5Axis Machine
fstooling Charmilles EDM machine
Five-Star Charmilles EDM Machine
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Five-Star Assembly Department
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Five-Star Charmilles Wire Cutting Machine
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Five-Star CNC Machine
FStooling Deep Drilling Machine
Five-Star Deep Drilling Machine

Why Five-Star Is Your Premier Manufacturer in China

Five-Star Stack Injection Mold

Five-Star is one of the leading stack injection molding companies in the country. We continue to produce state-of-the-art plastic parts featuring the latest advances in the industry.

Stack molding has excellent potential to improve the field of plastic injection molding. Reducing cost while increasing capacity with a bit of overhead time would be welcome to any bottom line. The versatility and savings provided by stack molding mean its use will only increase over time.

Five-Star stack molding is stacked with two or more mold parting surfaces. It can also be called mold split lines. It is Stacked together in parallel layers. Using stack molds can double an injection machine’s output, provide versatility, and lower the cost of operation.

Without changing your molding press or cargo, a stack mold upgrades productivity and reduces your part costs by using this stack of multiple mold layers. Concurrently closing all layers in the stack enables molding all parts, in all layers, in one shot. In addition, the molded parts can have different geometry. Five-Star was one of the innovators of stack molds in 2006, and our experience qualifies us as experts in stack molds.

The advantages of stack molding are often disregarded because manufacturers are unaware of the technology. Five-Star is an excellent experienced plastic injection molding company with the equipment and skills to manufacture almost any type of plastic part. Depending on the arrangement of the product and the kind of plastic required,

Five-Star can sort out a custom plastic injection molding process that consolidates stack molding for a maximal output while maintaining the standards for quality and dimensional accuracy.

We have grown and now supply innovative and top-quality molds to customers worldwide. Our tenancy in the industry has enabled us to understand our customers’ needs to develop a suitable mold the first time. This mindset has allowed us to master productivity and cost-effectiveness for your benefit.

Our designs, rapid prototypes, toolings, mold options, value-added processes, and range of thermoplastic materials are second to none. Since 2006, we have been supplying customers from various industries, based internationally, nationally with high-end, high-performance products.

Five-Star Tooling is proud to be ISO 9001 compliant and QS 9001 compliant. Choose Five-Star for your Stack Injection Molding and manufacturing company with experience in the industry for quality custom plastic parts or components you can rely on.

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