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Five-Star has been serving in the injection molds and molding industry for over 14 years. POM injection mold is one of our popular solution in the market.

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Why Five-Star POM Injection Mold is Your Best Choice

Five-Star provides POM injection mold which frequently applied for precision parts production. As a manufacturer you can fully depend, we have skilled assemblers, 14 designers, and quality control experts to ensure POM injection mold quality. If you need POM injection mold for your projects, Five-Star can provide for you.

Five-Star Your Leading POM Injection Mold Manufacturer

4 Cavity POM Injection Mold

4 cavity Pom injection mold can be made according to your ideal technical specs. It provides high performance and durable use.

High-Performance POM Injection Mold

Our high-performance POM injection mold is perfect for precision parts manufacturing that requires high abrasion resistance.

High-Quality POM Injection Mold

Any precision parts that needs excellent dimensional stability, high stiffness, and low friction, high-quality POM injection mold is relevant to use.

OEM Custom POM Injection Mold

Our OEM custom POM injection mold is applicable to ski bindings production, Rc drive motors, etc.

POM Injection Mold for Electronic Items

All our POM injection mold for electronic items are proven harmless. We made this solution from MDG 5 axis machining technology.

POM PA66 Nylon Injection Mold

POM PA66 nylon injection mold has extreme strength and flexibility that allow the solution better than any processes.

POM Plastic Injection Molded Auto Parts

Our POM plastic injection molded auto parts are guaranteed superior in quality. It can produce sprockets, Rc drive motors, etc.

POM Plastic Material Injection Molding

We designed POM plastic material injection molding that can meet your specific applications. It provides high performance and durable use.

POM Slider and Puller Injection Mold

Five-Star is your best POM slider and puller injection mold manufacturer and supplier. This is customizable based on your product applications.

Five-Star POM Injection Mold

For over 14 years in the field, Five-Star now become one of outstanding POM injection mold suppliers. As ISO9001 certified company, we provide total injection molds and plastic parts solutions. If you need POM injection mold for your new projects, allow us to do our best.

Along with a professional team, we strive to manufacture POM injection molding that will exceed your expectations. From conception to completion, Five-Star various departments will surely accommodate you. Contact us today!

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Five-Star Manufacturing Capacity

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Five-Star Charmilles EDM Machine
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Five-Star Assembly Department
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Why Five-Star Is Your No.1 Manufacturer in China

Five-Star POM Injection Mold

POM stands for “Polyoxymethylene”, is also known as Polyformaldehyde, Polyacetal, and Acetal.  Five-Star POM injection mold is white semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic, frequently used for precision parts production. If you need POM injection mold for your projects, Five-Star Tooling can provide it for you.

Why Five-Star POM injection mold? Our company has experienced 14 designers, skilled assemblers, and quality control specialists to ensure your POM injection mold is made according to your exact specifications. Discuss with us your ideal technical specs, and allow us to do the rest.

The POM injection mold is your first choice if the precision parts require low friction, high stiffness, excellent dimensional stability, high abrasion resistance, organic chemical compounds, heat, water absorption, and so on. Five-Star adopts DMG 5 axis machining technology to manufacture a superior quality POM injection mold solution.

Besides, POM injection mold is proven harmless. This is one of the reasons why POM injection mold is frequently applied to food processing equipment and manufacturing. Its strength and flexibility allow the solution better than any process.

However, below are several OEM product applications of POM injection molding, such as:

  • Ski bindings
  • Mechanical gears
  • Insulin pens
  • RC drive motors
  • Structural glass
  • Clothing zippers
  • Pulley adapters
  • Sprockets
  • Custom molded products

For more than 14 years in the industry, Five-Star has now become the popular POM injection mold manufacturer and supplier. As injection molds and plastic parts total solution providers, our goal is your satisfaction. We are always ready for your new projects.

Our team strives to go beyond the norm in innovation when manufacturing your POM injection mold. We understand each customer’s specific needs and applications. From conception through completion, Five-Star various departments will accommodate you.

Because we understand our customers’ needs, we always know what kind of solutions you require. Having a rich manufacturing experience in different industries, enable us to meet your requirements.

Five-Star is your all-in-one injection molding company.

Contact us now, we are always ready to tackle your next projects!

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