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Five-Star specializes in multi-cavity mold manufacturing since 2006. We are providing high-quality precision molds at a competitive price.

  • Total multi-cavity mold production solution
  • Strictest inspection to ensure quality
  • Affordable original factory price
  • Provide value-added service
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Five-Star - Reliable Multi-Cavity Mold Manufacturer

Five-Star is one of the leading China-based manufacturers and suppliers of multi-cavity mold. We are providing one-stop manufacturing service for small to medium-size enterprises. From material selection, CNC machining to final assembly, we ensure every process met the required standards before proceeding to the next procedure. Your multi-cavity mold production is in good hands with Five-Star.

Custom Your Multi-Cavity Mold with Five-Star

Plastic Packaging Multi-Cavity Molds

The plastic packaging multi-cavity molds can improve your production efficiency and maximize productivity. Usually made from aluminum or steel.

Multi-Cavity High Precision Molds

This multi-cavity high precision mold compliance on dimensional variations, improve finish product quality and reduce damages.

Double Stack Multi-Cavity Molds

A double stack multi-cavity mold is available mold life range from 500,000 to 1,000,000 shots, or can be customized. Mold runner is hot or cold.

Multi-Cavity Plastic Mineral Water Bottle Cap Mold

Material: Aluminum alloy and S50C Steel. We can design the bottle with a normal shape, standard neck, or any design. It has an excellent cooling water structure.

Multi-Cavity Plastic Injection PET Preform Mold

Applicable for beverage, medical, and paramedical industries. It provides high performance, high-quality, and high-efficiency moldings.

Multi-Cavity Lure Injection Molding

The multi-cavity lure injection mold can create durable injection plastic moldings with precision and long-lasting design. Increase your manufacturing efficiency.

V1 Multi-Cavity Mold

A V1 multi-cavity mold can produce plastic injection moldings such as industrial plastic, electronic cover, and more. The unit is available with competitive pricing.

Custom Multi-Cavity Molds

If you want a specific number of cavities, shape, size of molded products, you can customize multiple cavity molds base on your specifications.

Multi-Cavity Hot Runner Mold

Five-Star builds multi-cavity hot runner mold to improve product quality, ensure high performance with optimum efficiency, reliability, and durability.

Why Five-Star Multi-Cavity Mold

Five-Star focus on multi-cavity mold production for over 14 years. We have rich manufacturing experience in various industries and businesses. Our customers come from different countries around the world, especially Europe and North America. We also have an after-sale rep to accommodate you.

As an ISO9001 certificated company, we take a superior level on quality. In the whole production process, from material to electrode, and CNC machining to final assembly. Our QC tea supervises every process strictly. At Five-Star, you can achieve the best result for your multi-cavity mold.

Mold Maker and Precision Components Manufacturer

Five-Star Manufacturing Capacity

fstooling 5axis machine
Five-Star 5Axis Machine
fstooling Charmilles EDM machine
Five-Star Charmilles EDM Machine
fstooling Assembly department
Five-Star Assembly Department
fstooling Charmilles wire cutting machine
Five-Star Charmilles Wire Cutting Machine
fstooling CNC machine
Five-Star CNC Machine
FStooling Deep Drilling Machine
Five-Star Deep Drilling Machine

Why Five-Star Is Your Premier Manufacturer in China

Five-Star Multi-Cavity Mold Manufacturer in China

Five-Star is a professional manufacturer offering total solutions for multi-cavity mold. With more than 14 years of experience in the field, we can do multi-cavity mold production excellently. If you are searching for a reliable partner to increase your production efficiency, this is the right place to be. Five-Star can provide great equipment to add to your production line. 

The multi-cavity mold refers to mold with multiple cavities. It has 2, 4, 8, up to 64 cavities. Using this type of mold, you can have faster completion of the required number of components; within just a short lead time per batch. 

This mold compromises a multi-cavity of both the same plastic parts and different plastic products. By applying multi-cavity mold in the injection molding process of plastic items, you can elevate your production time. Plus, you can reduce costs; economic benefits. 

Five-Star builds multi-cavity mold, especially for the medical and paramedical industries. Among products are capped, with or without tear-off caps, syringe barrels, straight connectors, etc. 

Here are some advantages of Five-Star multi-cavity mold:

  • High volume production 
  • Lower total cost
  • Efficient use of cycle time
  • More stable process
  • Ensure uniformity and performance
  • Lower product price

If you have the required production quantity per day or month, this multi-cavity mold will be your good choice. At Five-Star, we will pay off your investment. Never limit your production capacity. With this effective tool, you will rocket your business and delight your customers. 

As an ISO9001 certificated company, we take pride in quality multi-cavity mold products and services. All tools undergo rigorous testing under the supervision of the QC team. We are trusted by thousands of clients around the world, especially in European countries. 

With the combination of expert engineers and high-tech tools, we can develop high-quality multiple cavity molds. Five-Star is your ideal multi-cavity mold total solution provider in China. 

If you want more in-depth information about multi-cavity mold, please feel free to contact us today.

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