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Five-Star is the leading electronic injection mold manufacturer. Since 2006 we are specializing in providing a high-end electronic injection mold with affordable rates.

  • Provide a turnkey mold solution
  • Implements a stringent quality control
  • Competitive rates of electronic injection mold
  • Excellent and outstanding services
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Why Five-Star is Expert on Supplying Electronics Injection Mold

Five-Star is a professional electronic injection mold manufacturer and supplier. We have an innate capacity to provide an extraordinary electronic injection mold. As your responsible injection mold supplier, we can help your electronics production. Five-Star meets international electronic injection mold standards. Choose Five-Star to get an excellent electronics injection molding!

Five-Star-Your Professional Electronics Injection Mold Supplier

Custom Electronics Injection Mold

The custom electronics injection mold has 250000-300000 shots of mold life. This injection mold is available in different formats and mold bases.

Electronics Plastic Injection Mold

The electronic plastic injection mold meets ISO9001:2008 standards and qualifications. It is a type of electronic injection mold that has a flexible and professional design.

High-Precision Electronics Injection Mold

Our high-precision electronic injection mold is available in single to multiple cavities base on your requests. They can meet your particular specifications and standards.

Electronics Series Injection Mold

The electronics series injection mold uses from the runner system. It has a polishing surface treatment and +/-0.02mm tolerance.

Injection Mold for Electronic Enclosure

The injection mold for the electronic enclosure has 20 to 60 HRC hardness. This injection mold is available in 300000-500000 shots of mold life.

OEM Electronics Injection Mold

Our OEM electronics injection mold is consists of solid stainless steel materials. They can be customized in any OEM service, and they are available in various sizes.

Electronics Rubber Injection Mold

The electronic rubber injection mold is available in black, red, yellow, white, blue, and other customized colors. The design service is also available.

Aluminum Electronics Injection Mold

The aluminum electronics injection mold meets ISO and SGS certifications. Applicable for a different surface finish such as polishing, glossy, and painting.

Electronics USB Connectors Injection Mold

Our electronic USB connectors injection mold has 4 cavities. This electronics injection mold is capable of using CNC and EDM processing techniques. 

Five-Star Electronics Injection Mold

Five-Star Tooling manufactures a high-quality electronics injection mold with more than 14 years of experience. We focus on every procedure, ensuring the best condition of each product. If you need a functional electronics injection mold in your production, Five-Star will be your great partner. We make all types of injection mold, especially this electronics injection mold.

Five-Star has been established to sustain the global tooling needs. We export our electronics injection mold in different countries nationwide. We are engaged in manufacturing and building a superior electronic injection mold, automotive injection mold, home appliances injection mold, and so on. All of our molds are meet ISO qualifications and standards.

Mold Maker and Precision Components Manufacturer

Five-Star Manufacturing Capacity

fstooling 5axis machine
Five-Star 5Axis Machine
fstooling Charmilles EDM machine
Five-Star Charmilles EDM Machine
fstooling Assembly department
Five-Star Assembly Department
fstooling Charmilles wire cutting machine
Five-Star Charmilles Wire Cutting Machine
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Five-Star CNC Machine
FStooling Deep Drilling Machine
Five-Star Deep Drilling Machine

Why Five-Star Is Your Premier Electronics Injection Mold Manufacturer in China

Five-Star -Your Outstanding Electronics Injection Mold Manufacturer

Five-Star is an experienced electronic injection molding manufacturer. We have a professional designer and skilled workers who enable us to produce an extraordinary electronic injection mold. Five-Star can provide you with a high-standard and stable electronic injection mold.

Five-Star electronics injection mold has a superior surface finish. They come in different finishing such as polishing, texture, glossy, coating, and painting—our electronic injection mold functions with high stability and reliable performance.

The electronics injection mold is available from 250000-300000 shots of mold life depending on your needs. They have different hardness, usually from 20 to 60 HRC. We are warmly welcome the OEM service so that you can get your original design of electronic injection mold from Five-Star.

If you are manufacturing any technologies, then the electronics injection mold is perfect in your factory. It offers a lot of advantages and benefits in your production. Five-Star offers affordable and friendly rates of molds products.

Advantages of Electronics Injection Mold

  • Economical process
  • The flexible way to create electronic parts
  • Cost-effective
  • Lessen the materials waste
  • Design versatility
  • Faster production line

If you require a trusted electronic injection mold, Five-Star is glad to provide you. We focus on supplying a high-quality electronic injection mold since 2006. Five-Star is your first and ultimate choice if you need injection molds for electronics, automotive, medical, and others.

We can provide you with a turnkey and reliable plastic electronics injection molding solution. Five-Star always strove to meet your particular and special needs. From the selection of materials to finish products, we ensure that we always did a great job.

Five-Star serves impressively and professionally to keep as a top precision mold provider. We keep maintaining our good reputation to have a good name in this industry. Five-Star is your one-stop for all mold you need. You can always expect fast responses and transactions once you choose us.

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