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Five-Star has to earn an excellent reputation for being capable to cater to all projects, especially customer production injection mold. We are always helping our customers get to sale shortly.

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Why Five-Star is Expert on Customer Production Injection Mold

Five-Star is a reliable and solid partner for the customer production injection mold. Our facility and a professional worker are developing constantly. Besides, our team always continues to invest in product developments and new technologies to offer a comprehensive package when it comes to the production of injection molds for our customers. Below are some examples of our customer production injection mold.

Five-Star Customer Production Injection Mold Supplier

High Production 5L Bottle Blower Mould

We can manufacture bottle blower mould according to our customer’s design. You can send us your requirements now!

Plastic Injection Production Plastic Mold

It is suitable for a wide range of markets, including food processing, lighting, consumer, healthcare, telecommunications, etc.

Pet Water Bottle High Production Mold

We can design this type of production mold according to a standard component of Hasco, Dme, JIS, and many more.

High-Precision Production Injection Mold

Our high-precision production injection mold meets DIN, ASTM, GOST, JIS, ANSI, BS, and GB standards.

PVC Plastic Production Injection Mold

PVC Plastic Production Injection Mold is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as electronics, hardware, daily use, etc.

Formal Production Plastic Injection Mold

It is available in both single cavity and multi-cavity. Mould treatments: Texture, Sand Blasting, Polishing, and customized.

High-Production Plastic Cap Mold

Available in both hot and cold runners. This type of mold is suitable for the production of Car, Household Appliances, Electronic, etc.

Customized Bottle Holder Mold

We can support your business by providing customized bottle holder mold according to your layout or drawing.

Customer Design Precision Injection Mold

We can provide polishing and mirror polishing for your precision injection molding. Please send us your product requirements now!

Five-Star Customer Production Injection Mold

Five-Star is over 14 years in serving high-quality injection mold for customer production. Our team ensures every injection mold step to provide the best out of molded products. When it comes to reliable injection mold, Five-Star is your reliable partner to assist in your production.

Five-Star has a great role in many industries worldwide. We have been serving injection molds to the top companies to sustain worldwide tooling needs. Thus, our team is committed to manufacturing and innovating excellent custom injection mold that meets international quality parameters. Five-Star provides customized solutions for customer production injection mold.

Mold Maker and Precision Components Manufacturer

Five-Star Manufacturing Capacity

fstooling 5axis machine
Five-Star 5Axis Machine
fstooling Charmilles EDM machine
Five-Star Charmilles EDM Machine
fstooling Assembly department
Five-Star Assembly Department
fstooling Charmilles wire cutting machine
Five-Star Charmilles Wire Cutting Machine
fstooling CNC machine
Five-Star CNC Machine
FStooling Deep Drilling Machine
Five-Star Deep Drilling Machine

Why Five-Star is Your Premier Manufacturer in China

Five-Star – Best Customer Production Injection Mold Supplier

Five-Star is the most trusted customer production injection mold manufacturer and supplier in China. We have skilled workers and expert designers who work with us to create outstanding injection molds for our customer’s production. Our team ensures to provide every customer with high-standard and quality injection mold.

Five-Star injection mold comes in different sizes and shapes. You can also find a different surface finish, including texture, glossy, polishing, and painting. No matter what you demand, we can cater to your injection mold needs according to your specific requirements. You can send us your product requirements and let the Five-Star team handle the rest for you.

Our company has been 14 years serving a full range of customer production injection molds and services. These services include tooling, mold design, molding, assembly, and parts manufacture. You can count on us for your injection mold needs. We are a leading customer production injection molding maker in China winning trust from well-known international companies.

Injection Mold Example

  • plastic toys
  • valves and syringes
  • automotive components
  • wire spools
  • musical instruments
  • packaging
  • chairs

Five-Star specializes in manufacturing high-quality injection mold, 3D models and prototypes, serial tools and low volume, and resin supply. We are also good at customer services and full logistics transportation. Being your top injection mold manufacturer and supplier in China, Five-Star offers OEM services for you. It allows you to get your original design of injection mold.

Our range of customer production injection mold is applicable in a wide range of industries, such as medical components, automotive, electronics injection mold, manufacturing equipment, device, and many more. Whether you are new to the industry, you can count injection molds from Five-Star. Our injection mold offers great benefits and advantages to increase your product sales.

Since 2006, Five-Star is committed to supplying high-quality injection mold for our customer’s production. We will provide you with turn-key solutions to meet your special needs. You can assure of our great services from material sourcing, production to the shipping of your injection mold orders.

If you need a one-stop-shop precision mold solution provider, Five-Star is the right place to come. You can always get a quick response and fast transaction once you bear with us!

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