Custom Injection Mold

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Custom Injection Mold

Custom injection mold means to evaluate how complex your project is and let it dictate what to custom.

A custom injection mold can be very useful in many fields. Their customizable design provides the versatility needed to products of all shapes and sizes including:

  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Tactical Equipment for Military or Law Enforcement
  • Audio, Video or Photo Equipment
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Electronics Including GPS, Computers, Radios

The entire Five-Star facility and worker is set up to produce the highest quality, most economical injection mold, die-casting and precision components in the industry

Five-Star -To Be Your Trusted Custom Injection Molds Manufacturer in China

Five-star custom injection mold products

It needs to meet the precision and performance requirements for the critical area of the parts to accurately achieve product design and use goals.

Besides, custom injection mold uses key stages of product development to inform choices concerning the appropriate processes.

It can provide true value in time and cost savings and successful results. It’s important to evaluate what industry and purpose the final products actually serve.

A part used in a medical application or automotive industry demands totals different attention of the injection molders and professional skills.

Custom injection mold relies on multiple scientific methods, analytical tools, and molding process technologies while it is aimed to deliver fast production at attractive price points.

Five-Star is experienced in molding virtually any thermoplastic including ABS, PP, PA, PVC and so on.

We are also familiar with design, simulation and building multi-cavity molds, automatic unscrewing molds, DME MUD insert, double color injection molds, large & complex structure molds, tight tolerance components, and many other kinds of export molds and components.

Besides, we make sure that the quality of your products is assured through an ISO 9000-compliant QA department. Five-Star has the manufacturer certified by ISO.

We offer a comprehensive tooling transfer program to achieve a smooth transition to our facility and can provide you with a professional solution of molding and components machining.

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